Spasticity Management Clinic

The Botox Outpatient Clinic is an outpatient program that evaluates children from two years into adulthood. The Botox team evaluates the child for Spasticity related problems such as postural problems, gait disorders, and poor functional outcome. Unique to Institute of Child Development is the ability to combine Botox with intensive post-Botox therapy, maximizing the injection benefit.

Goals of the Clinic

  • The primary goals of the clinic are to provide the following:
  • Diagnostic assessment of Spasticity prevalence
  • Spasticity management of the patient with the physical therapy team
  • Ongoing treatment and follow-up of Spasticity issues
  • Botox intervention and post-Botox care
  • Botox injections for Spasticity

Working Hours:
9.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M.
Monday to Saturday

ICD / Allergen Team
ICD / Ranbaxy Team

To request an initial evaluation:
Contact : 01141012124 / 7838809241

Primary Diagnoses We Served:
Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Other Diagnosis
Movement Disorders
Spinal Cord Injury


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