Role of Medications in Spina bifida

There is no standard medication for the core symptoms of Spina bifida but the associated problems can be managed with good medical management

Treatment of bladder problems
Mostly children with Spina bifida have problems controlling their bladder. 
Treatments for bladder problems include:

  • Use of antibiotics   long term antibiotics are sometimes needed to help prevent kidney and urinary infections
  • Use of medicines – that help relax the bladder so it can store more urine

Treatment of bowel problems
Constipation is often associated with spina bifida.
Treatments for bowel problems include:

  • Use of laxatives which helps empty the bowels
  • Use of suppositories and enemas 
  • Use of anal irrigation  

Treatment of hydrocephaly
Treatment of hydrocephalus by medicines is considered controversial. Medicines are used only for short duration or temporarily with post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus in neonates.

Only few medicines are available, such as

  • Acetazolamide 
  • Furosemide 

These medicines are used singly or in combination

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