Auditory Training / Listening Therapy

What is Auditory Training?
Auditory Training refers to the development of skills using auditory information. "Learning to listen" or making use of residual hearing is crucial for children with deaf-blindness. Learning to interpret auditory information can assist with the development of other skills, such as communication, literacy, and mobility.

How it is done?

Auditory training consists of exercises, also known as listening trials, where the person
-Listens to a large number of presentations of speech sounds or other kinds of sounds,
-Makes a judgment after listening to each presentation such as identifying the sound heard,
-Receives feedback

What are benefits of Auditory Training?
Benefits of Auditory Training:
-Improvements in performance for the trained task,
-Retention of learning for a period after training ceases,
-Adherence of the individual with training
- Motivations of individuals to participate in, engage with

How it is different from speech therapy?
Significant differences:
- Much of the focus on listening rather speaking
- All family members is intimately involved in the learning process,
- It attempts to eliminate verbal cues so that the child is forced to cope with hearing alone and listening alone

When you should ask for Auditory Training?
Mostly when a child is provided with hearing aids or cochlear implants, etc

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