Pediatric Postural Aids

Postural aids, an integral part of assistive technology, are devices which help a person with physical disability to improve postural stability, postural alignment and functional abilities.

 A postural aid can help a child with delayed milestones / physical disability in many ways:

  • It improves postural alignment
  • It provides physiological and physical support to decrease deformity, prevent/correct
    Joint contracture, facilitate body alignment
  • It  normalizes tone
  • It enhances respiratory/ pulmonary function
  • It prevents complications such as pressure sores, abrasions, shearing, etc
  • It improves sitting / standing ability of children with developmental delay
  • It provides base to function better
  • It enhances functional abilities especially upper extremity control and hand function
  •  It increases opportunity to meet educational needs
  •  It enhances oral motor control with regards to feeding and communication
  • It increases visual awareness and contact with parents and family

Verities of postural aids are available for children with delayed milestones or disabilities at our centre ICD, Delhi.

  • Corner seat / Jessica seat

  • Floor Corner chair / High corner chair

 Angular Floor Corner Chair

  • Modified Corner Chair

  • Arm chair with tray cut out

Arm Chair with Tray cut out and foot rest

  • Potty chair / bathing chair
  • Prone Standing frame
  • Adjustable Prone Wedge Cum Standing Frame
  • Prone wedge
  • Floor cut out
  • Long leg sitter
  • Kneel Standing Frame


All children with delayed milestones / physical disability can be helped with customized postural aid
Prescribing postural aids requires extensive training in postural management. Inappropriate postural aids always harms and demotivates the users.

ICD has a dedicated team for postural devices. Three specially trained carpenters are associated with ICD and they are considered the best in the country.

Some basic principles to follow while using postural aids:
  • If the child has no neck control or poor head control, Corner chair should be used.
  • Prolong use of corner chair can produce protracted shoulders which is not good for optimal hand function
  • If the child has fair head control but unable to sit independently, arm chair with tray cut out should be used
  • Standing frames should be used very cautiously as it can harm more than help
  • All postural aids should be customized. Improper postural aids can deform the spine and dislocate the hips
  • Modifications like pommel, Foot rest, knee blockers, truncal harness, tilt base should be used after meticulous assessment
  • Researches favors supine stander in compare to prone stander
  • Prolong use of corner chair can change the anatomical position of the shoulder. So switch to arm chair whenever it is required
  • All chairs should have associated tray cut out or cut out table in front for better hand function
  • There should be no foot rest if the child is able to transfer from chair to bed or bench
  • Children with dystonia requires modified corner or arm chair with extra modification
  • Children with scoliosis requires highly technical and customized chair to control the progression of the deformity

Please note, ICD has one of the best R&D team for postural aids in India, so you can get any kind of postural aids. Just tell us your need, we will provide.

If you want to know which postural aids are suitable for your child and want to procure the same, please contact us
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