Mobility Aids & Appliances

What is a mobility aid?
A mobility aid is a device designed to assist a person with disability to move from one place to another place. e.g. Rollator, Crawler, wheel chair, cane etc

How does a mobility aid help a person with developmental disorder?
A mobility aid can help a person with disability to generate movement, improved stability, reduce lower-limb loading, etc

What are the different types of mobility aids available?
There are a number of mobility aids are available in the market. Such as Scooter board, Crawler, Rollator, Elbow Crutches, Tripods, Cane, sticks, wheelchair, etc

How can we understand that our child requires mobility aids?
If your child is unable to move from one place to other independently due to his or her disability at a certain age, he / she requires mobility aids to be independent and mobile

What is FMS?
FMS means Functional Mobility Scale. FMS guides us to train a child with cerebral palsy or other loco motor disability. The scale has seven domains
They are:

  1. Child crawls for mobility
  2. Child uses wheel chair
  3. Child uses a Rollator-mostly reverse / posterior Rollator
  4. Child uses Elbow Crutches
  5. Child uses Sticks
  6. Child can move independent with lot of difficulties
  7. Child is a community walker

Where all these mobility aids are available in India?
All these mobility aids are available with us. Anyone can procure anyone of these according to his or her need

Is there any assessment or measurement require to order any of these aids?
Yes, for most of these aids, you need specific assessment and measurements. A trained team is required to deal all these aids and appliances

How Anterior Rollator Walkers are different from Posterior Rollator Walkers?
You will be surprised to know that a child with posterior Rollator walker can become independent earlier than a child who use anterior Rollator walker. This is the biggest difference between these two walkers


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