Early Intervention Program/ Services

What is Early Intervention (EI) services / Program?
Early intervention Programs / services are doing a range of targeted activities to help the young children who have developmental delays or specific health conditions. Early intervention is provided by a number of specialists who are specialized in the subjects They provide services which help children catch up and increase their chances for success in school and life overall.

Who is an Early Intervention Specialist?
An Early Interventionist a specialized trained professional from the filed of developmental therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, special education or psychology. Even a developmental pediatrician can work as an early interventionist after getting the required training.

Who can be benefited with Early Intervention Services?
Children with high risk, suspected developmental delay, Delayed milestones can be benefited with Early Intervention. They get varieties of therapies to promote their :
- Physical skills (sitting, crawling, walking, drawing, writing, etc)
- Cognitive skills (learning, problem solving, thinking, etc)
- Communication skills (speaking, expressing feelings, etc)
- Self-help or adaptive skills (feeding, toileting, dressing / undressing etc)
- Social or emotional skills (playing with peers, interacting with others, etc)
- Sensory processing skills (tactile, visual, sounds, smells, etc)

Early intervention program usually last up to age 3 years. If a child requires therapies beyond three years, it is extended to another few years by combining with other therapies.
Early intervention helps keep these children on a path to making the most of abilities and skills developed during the early years.

What are the advantages of Early Intervention?
- Children with developmental delay who received early intervention were less irritable, displaying less stressed behavior
- Many children display an increase in fine, gross , sensory, visual motor and slf help skills
- It is preventative of secondary problems and further developmental delay which may otherwise result in difficulties in feeding, inappropriate movement / patterns interfering with normal development and deformities
- Provides the foundation for skill acquisition and cognitive and social development
- Decrease the maternal anxiety, increasing the mental health status and well being of mothers as a result of early intervention
- Increase interaction between parents and infants and increase bonding
- Parents get Information regarding child development early which helps them throughout

What are the goals of Early Intervention?
The main goals of early intervention are
-Strengthen child's skills
- Provide parents with information, social and emotional support
-Instructing parents in providing their children emotional support and intellectual stimulation

Do we provide early intervention Services? Yes, we have a dedicated team for early intervention services.

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