Infant Stimulation Therapy / Program

What is infant stimulation Therapy / Program?
Infant stimulation means playing which includes activities that arouse or stimulate your baby's sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Infant stimulation can improve your baby's curiosity, attention span, memory, and nervous system development.
The Infant Stimulation Therapy program has been developed to address both cognitive and motor developmental areas for children with high risk, suspected developmental delay or delayed milestones. This program is also considered the first step towards early intervention. The Infant Stimulation Therapy / Program is generally center based but it requires a home-based follow up also. Parents (or primary caregivers) visit a clinic f or 3-6 days in a week where they receive training in the daily home implementation of the program.

Who does Infantile Stimulation Therapy?
The Infant Stimulation Therapy / Program require a child development specialist trained to deliver the infant stimulation portion. A certified physical / Occupational therapist trained in neuro-developmental therapy (NDT), delivers the second portion of the program. Parents, or other primary caregivers, are trained for the daily home implementation of the program.

Who is benefited with infant stimulation therapy?
All children under the age of one year with developmental delay or suspected with high risk for developmental delay can be benefited with infant stimulation Program

Where it is available?
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