About ICD, Delhi
Institute for Child Development (ICD) is a private company registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India under section 25 of Company Registration Act, 1956. ICD, Delhi is a premier organization which has been providing the best treatments to children with complex health issues, developmental delay, neurodevelopmental disorders and childhood onset disabilities for the last 23 years. ICD, Delhi is one of the very few organizations in India which practices integrated approach of treatment, popularly known as Multimodal Treatment / Combination Therapy for children with developmental disorders. Multimode / Combination Therapy combine the best available treatments into one plan of care to get the best result. Researches have proved that combination therapy always assures better results than standalone therapy. In fact, pediatric developmental disorders cannot be treated in isolation. It requires a team of professionals with varied expertise and specialization.

ICD’s Vision
To provide a nurturing and stimulating environment to all children with health and development related issues for their optimal and holistic development irrespective of nationality, gender, status, caste, creed, religion or faith

ICD Mission 2025
ICD empowers all children with complex health related issues and developmental disorders to reach their full potential through child development centres and developmental clinics by providing medical, surgical and habilitation supports

ICD and its Associates
ICD has been providing all required medical, surgical and habilitation facilities for children with developmental disorders / disabilities through its model centre “PediaMed” situated in Malviya Nagar (South Delhi) for the last 23 years. ICD is under the process to start its branches in North Delhi, West Delhi and East Delhi. ICD has already started to collaborate with other organizations throughout India with similar vision and mission.

Uniqueness of ICD, New Delhi:-

  1. ICD provides you combination therapy or multimodal treatment which assures you better result. ICD’s combination treatment plan of care always includes essential medical and surgical management wherever it requires. 
  2. ICD’s integrated approach of treatment has successfully treated thousands of children with complex developmental issues from not only India but also from countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia,   Nigeria, Kenya, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, South Africa, Sudan, UAE, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Yemen, United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada, etc.
  3. ICD is best known for its proper screening, right diagnosis and holistic treatment planning.
  4. ICD has always been appreciated for executing extensive assessments / evaluation and individualized treatment program. Documentation is the key of success in ICD
  5. Experiences have made ICD perfect. More than 23 years of experience have enabled ICD to associate with 400 highly qualified and experienced professionals from different parts of the world
  6. ICD is considered a hub of assistive technology. ICD’s R&D unit always thrive to design customized aids and appliances to meet the needs of person with differently abled. ICD is proud to have a team of experts in all domains of assistive technology like orthotics, postural aids, mobility aids and assistive devices
  7.   Thousands of articles, dozens of books have included ICD as their primary and trusted source for information for researches / case studies.
  8. ICD is considered the best centre / hospital for cerebral palsy treatment in India. Since 2001, ICD has treated more than 40000 children with developmental disorders and 60% of them are children with Cerebral Palsy. Thousands of persons with Cerebral Palsy  are productive and enjoying normal life
  9. ICD is able to provide all advance treatments required for person with developmental disability. ICD is the only organization in India which provides guidance, technical support and procedural support to avail of Botox Injection, Orthopedic Surgery, Intrathecal Baclofen pump implantation, Neurosurgery (Rhizotomy-SDR), Deep Brain Stimulation, Cochlear implantation, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Stem Cell Therapy and many more.
  10. ICD provides economical and patient friendly services which help all income groups of families. ICD supports financially through sponsorship to parents who are unable to pay for their children’s treatment. ICD runs charitable clinics on every Wednesday. Consultation / Technical guidance is totally free for all on this day. No identity or income proof is required to avail charitable facilities
  11.  ICD provides hands on training periodically to the parents / care providers of children with disabilities who are unable to stay in Delhi to avail our regular facilities. Most of the parents training program requires 6-12 days stay in Delhi. ICD supports to arrange comfortable and economical stay
  12.  ICD’s national and international presence has enabled ICD to get numerous awards and recognitions such as “The National Education Leadership Award (2015)”, “ABP News Excellence Award (2016)” “Utkrisht Seva Samman (2018)”,  “Mother & Baby Award (2021, and others  

Provision for Consultative Services (Both Online and OnSite)

PediaMed-ICD is known as a hub for consultation services. More than 25 Consultants have been providing consultative services to children coming from differents parts of the Globe. Recently, few of our consultants have beeen providing online consultation also                                                                                                                                               

Provision for Physical Therapy

  Physical Therapy is the backbone of all pediatric habilitation services. PediaMed-ICD provides best quality, evidence based and updated physical therapy approaches since its inception. 

Provision for Communication Enhancement Therapy  

Accordimg to ICF, communication is the first domain to work with children with all delayed milestones or disabilities.PediaMed-ICD has a group of highly experience and dedicated speech therapists who do their jobs with outmost satisfaction..                                          

Provision for Cognition Enhancement Therapy

PediaMed-ICD is fortunate to have a team of highly qualified and sincere special educators and behavioral therapists who provide remedial education and behavior modification program regularly

 Provision for Assistive Technology

Children with disabilities face wide-ranging challenges, with the help of assistive technology, these children not only overcome movement problems, but they also become independent in their daily lives. PediaMed-ICD has a dedicated department for R&D in assistive technology which is unique in India

Provision for Advance Medical and Surgical Management

ICD is the first organization in India which particpated in case studies when botulinum therapy ( BOTOX), and subsequently ITBP therapy( Medtronic) was introduced in Northern India. ICD has the best facilities for the following advance therapeutic interventions in India  

Provision for Regenerative Medicines

“Prerna-ICD” was the primary technical partner with “Udaan for trhe Disabled” when the first multimode therapy project for children with cerebral palsy was started in India. HBOT has been the centrestage of the project. ICD has been providing HBOT in properly selected case since 2001. When “Bike” introduced Stem Cell Therapy in India, ICD was selected for post stem cell therapy. ICD supports families who opt for  stem cell therapy in their children since 2007   

Provision for Alternative and Complementary Medicines

PediaMed-ICD facilitates parents to get the therapy done who opt for ACM by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of these medical treatments. 

Provision for Associations and Networkings

Very recently, ICD started its most demanding projects to extend the ICD-facilities to those who are unable to reach ICD.
ICD has been providing its unmatched services through its partner hospitals in Jallandhar (Punjab) and Hissar ( Haryana) since 2001.

Provision for Continuing Education

ICD has been continuously training manpower to cater the need of children with disability. Our professional skill enhancement programs are unique and highly productive. We do workshops to train caregivers also 

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